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Thank you for joining our

Virtual Paint Party!

We have had to do things a little different this year.  We are sad that we won't be able to gather together as a community during our event, but we are so grateful to you for still supporting your organization's celebrations.

How This Will Work
Please use the links below to place and pay for your order.  When the ordering window has closed, your items will be delivered to the organization with everything you need to paint as a family at home.  Your kit will be distributed from their location.


Please note - due to restrictions on bringing things  back and forth, some organizations have requested items  be painted with ACRYLIC PAINTS.  Your items will look a little different then previous years because they will not be fired.  Also, please remember that, unlike our glazes, acrylics will stain, so make sure to cover your work surface and wear clothes you don't care too much about.


Your purchase will include:

Paint that doesn't require firing!

A paint brush for every painter!

Gloss sealer to bring out the shine!


Super Important!

Once you have placed your order, please be sure to provide the following information in the comment section at checkout:

Organization Name

Child's or Adult's Name that will receive the pieces

Child or Adult's Group or Grade

Teacher, Councilor or Group Lead's Name

Click The Banner Below To Start Shopping!

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