No time to paint at the studio? No problem!  Pick up a Pottery-To-Go Box and paint at home, at the office, at a birthday party or even a family reunion!  You decide when and where to paint, and we take care of the rest!


Come to the studio, pick out and pay for your pottery, leave a deposit for the kit and take it all with you.  Bring your finished pieces and the kit back within 30 days and we will fire them for you! 


Your box will include everything you need to have a great activity.  We will provide you with step-by-step instructions, your choice of up to 10 glaze colors, a black fun writer, brushes and sponges.Having an extra-large crowd and need to purchase mugs, bowls, plates or some other item by the case?  We will gladly do that for you, and adjust your To-Go Box accordingly.  Just give us 2 weeks advance notice.  Payment for quantity purchases is due prior the order being placed.


It is VERY important that you NEVER use anything on your pottery other than the glazes we provide you.  Doing so will make it impossible for us to fire your items.  Please return our brushes (clean), sponges, fun writers and paint tubs with any unused glaze when you return your pottery items for firing.

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