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Painting your own pottery at Create! is fun, easy and rewarding.  Paint your pottery, leave it for us to glaze and fire and come back in 7 days to pick it up.  Our paints are all non-toxic and water soluble and your finished item is food safe.

Step 1

  • Pick your pottery - this is actually the hardest part!  We have lots of great pottery to choose from.  

  • Prepare your piece – use a barely damp round yellow sponge to lightly (and gently!) wipe down your bisque to remove oils and dust.  

**It is very important to have clean hands when working with bisque!!  Any doubt? Wash them before beginning your project.

Step 2

Decide on a design for your masterpiece.

  • Feel free to look through our samples, idea books, stencils, stamps and silkscreens for creative ideas.

  • Our Pinterest page ( and the internet are other great sources too.

  • We even have a printer if you would like to print out your example.

One of our trained staff members can show you how you can sketch your original design freehand, trace an image onto your bisque, or instruct you on any of the many techniques available to you, just ask!  (They don’t want to intrude)

Step 3

Choose your colors and think about your design.

  • Ready to paint?  Want a base color?  If so, paint 2 to 3 using a fan brush and let them dry in between.

  • Generally, dark colors show up better on lighter colors, not the other way around.   

  • Almost done? PLEASE take a minute to sign it!  This is your creation!  Add your name or initials and the year.  (Who knows, you may be famous someday!)

**Please use clean brushes for each color so the pots don’t get cross contaminated for the next guest.
**It’s best if only one color is open at a time so the paint doesn’t dry out.  Need more brushes? Let us know.

Step 4

Now the hard part... Give us about a week to get the pieces fired and you can pick them up!

Once you are finished painting your piece, we will glaze it for you using a clear glaze that will give your piece a shiny finish. It will then fire in our kilns on premises. Your one-of-a-kind masterpiece is now finished.  Plus it is food safe.  Take it home and enjoy your work, or give it as a special gift.

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Have You Joined Us From Out Of Town And Don't Have A Week To Wait?

That's not a problem!!  We have two solutions:

We can arrange to ship your pieces to you as soon as they have been fired


Ask a staff member about doing your pieces in acrylic paints instead of glaze so you can take them with you the same day. 
Please note:  Pieces painted in acrylic are NOT food safe and can NOT get wet or hold liquid.  If you would like to paint your pieces in acrylic we highly suggest making decorative only pieces.

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