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Our cabinets are overflowing with wrapping paper.  We have enough cookies and tins of popcorn to last a lifetime.  And if we get one more magazine subscription, our mailman is going to resign.  Fundraisers are an important part of raising money for extracurricular activities and have been for years.  Unfortunately we’ve been raising money by selling the same products for just as many years.  This year, let Create! Color Art Studio provide you with a unique, creative and interactive opportunity to raise funds for your school, church, charity or special event.  Family, friends and others can participate in a variety of projects that will help you achieve your fundraising goals quickly.

Painting Parties
Nothing sells like personalized pottery!  Having a pottery event is the perfect way to bring a group together and raise funds for your organization.  You can bring your group in to the studio, or we can come to you.  We will customize a program that fits your needs.  Painting parties are a great activity to do in conjunction with other events that bring large groups to your site such as parent/teacher night, art night or orientation.

Tile Walls
Create a hand painted tile wall that your children will leave behind for students for years to come.  Your school sells tiles to the parents.  In return their child paints a tile to be added to the wall.  Create! Color Art Studio will drop off all the tiles and supplies and help participating students create their masterpiece.  We collect all the tiles, glaze them and fire them to return to your school.  You find a place to hang them and tile the wall just like you would any tile project.  Imagine adding to this year after year!   You chose how much to sell the tiles for.

Clay Handprints
Clay handprints are a great way to capture a child’s handprints or footprints while they are still so little.  Preserving their prints in clay is a perfect keepsake and will capture a moment in time that will be treasured forever.  Clay handprints are a perfect fundraiser for childcare facilities with small children.  We will bring everything right to your site and do all the work to create a customized piece for each child.  The process for clay handprints is a bit longer than pottery painting, so please allow up to 4 weeks for return of the pieces.

Many groups choose to paint items for their auctions.  We have all of the creative tools to assist you, whether you choose to paint it yourself or have one of our talented staff paint it for you.  Class fingerprint platters are extremely popular for auctions and easy to do.  We will provide you with everything you need to capture each child’s finger print.  Bring the platter back to us, provide us with a theme for your piece, and we will customize your piece for you.  Want to really WOW your attendees?  Talk to us about doing a class fire pit!  They are definitely an eye catcher and fetch the big dollars during auctions.

Family Nights
Keep the fundraising going throughout the year.  Create! Color Art Studio is happy to sponsor family nights in our studio.  The process is simple. We will provide you with a sponsorship form to pass on to families so they can let us know they are painting for your organization. Simply choose a night, either weekly or monthly, that families will come in to the studio to get creative, and we will donate 15% of the proceeds back to your organization.


Have another idea for a fundraiser? 
Just let us know! We will work with your to make your vision a reality.  
Call us today at 401-363-9511

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