Mystery Grab Bag - Up to $75 value

Everyone loves a surprise!!
  • Bags are $20 each and have a minimum value of $25, but may be worth as much as $75
  • Could be an adult project or a kid project
  • Could be pottery, board art, etc
  • No limit to number of bags
  • Bags will be numbered and your bag(s) will be chosen by random number generator
  • We will pick your paints for you since you don't know what the piece is

    • Pottery must be returned to be glazed and fired. (firing generally takes 1-2 weeks)
    • Please only use pottery glazes provided to paint with. Do not use acrylic paint, markers, pencils etc.
    • Painted pottery may be dropped off for firing any time during open hours. Please make sure your name and phone number are with your items
    • After firing dinnerware pieces are food safe.
    • You will be called when your pottery is ready for pickup